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About Us

Welcome to Belle + Skin Skincare

Where to start! We understand there's many skincare brands out there that you could be choosing - so first & foremost, thank you for being here!  

A little bit about how we came to be... 

Dreaming of a bigger bathroom and more counter space was always on my wish list until my husband made me realize that the bathroom size wasn't the problem - but instead the overwhelming amount of products cluttered everywhere was. I'm sure many of you can relate.  Having combination skin can be frustrating to manage because we literally need different ingredients/ products for different areas of our face. Combination skin is when your T zone area (forehead, nose and chin) is oily while the outskirts of your face can be normal, dry or sensitive. 

With a license in Aesthetics and having worked in the beauty/ wellness industry for over 10+ years, the desire to create a niche line that's simplistic in routine with easy to understand ingredients is how Belle + Skin was born. Belle + Skin was formulated to achieve three components: 

  • contains natural ingredients that specifically work well with combination skin
  • provides an aromatic experience that exhilarates and calms the senses using natural extracts, never artificial fragrance
  • gives a minimal skincare approach - not in just the amount of products used, but in understanding product ingredients.

Ingredients in our product line are meant to provide: 

  • Exfoliation to shed dead skin cells and reveal new skin
  • Brightening to lighten and fade dark spots
  • Hydration to nourish your skin and prevent excess oil production
  • Calming to prevent irritation, and 
  • Pollution defense to fight free radicals and prevent uneven skin tone and discoloration

Life is already complex -  no need for our skincare routine to be too! In addition to full size products, we also created skin kits that take the guess work out of which products to use.  Each kit comes with all the products and ingredients you need to achieve glowy, dewy skin! 

Belle + Skin equals a more beautiful you. 


Christelle, Owner & Licensed Esthetician