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I don't have combination skin. Can I still use your products?

Of course! Because combination skin is a little bit of oily, dry, or sensitive skin, you'll find that each product caters to one of those skin types.

I have sensitive skin. Can I still use your products? 

Actually, yes! Sensitive skin typically experiences irritation easily which is why most of our products were created with you in mind. Most of our products are infused with gentle, non sensitizing ingredients. I would recommend using the Combo/ Dry line to hydrate and treat your skin. 

Do I need to buy every product for my skin type to see results?

While we wouldn't be mad at that - no, you don't. You can purchase full size products as you please.   While we understand that everyone's skin is unique, we created two skin kits - Dewy Kit & Glowy Kit - that provides you with all the essential products to see the best long term results. Each kit provides a 10% savings and is a great way to try out our full product line affordably. 

My skin feels irritated after using products. Should I stop use?

Our products contain natural ingredients that are active in nature. For example, Willowbark extract is the natural form of Salicylic Acid. If you experience irritation, reduce usage by using the product twice daily to once daily or from once daily to every other day until your skin acclimates. If your skin irritation persists or worsens, then stop usage and consult with your dermatologist.  

When should I start seeing results? 

Your skin will feel softer and cleaner immediately. However, skin texture and dark spots may take 30-90 days before you see improvement. This is dependent on how long you've had the dark spot and what caused them. As with most skincare regimens, stay the course. Finish the products and then make a decision.  Trust the process!

I just ordered, when can I expect my order?

Please allow 1-2 business days for processing your order. Once it ships, a confirmation email containing your order's tracking code will be sent to the email address provided at checkout. You can expect your order to arrive within the times provided below. Please note that these are estimates, not guarantees.

Standard shipping: Est. 3-9 business days

Expedited shipping: Est. 2-3 business days

Next day shipping: Est. 1-2 business days

Note: We do not offer international shipping at this time. Sorry!

Please note that during holidays, new product launches, restocks and promotions, order processing times may be subject to delays. We thank you in advance for your understanding.